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Friday, 11 April 2014 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. Long time no see. Yaaa.. So today I would like to talk about my favorite boy, Rahimmie Armin.

  • Rahimmie Armin
  • 16 years old
  • Qi's
Okay, I think that's enough about him. Let me begin my story.

Rahimmie Armin. Such a weird name. Rarely found. Even I was like "asal nama dia pelik" when the first time I knew him. But. Behind of that typical weird name, he is such a one of a kind. Honestly, in the past, I'm not like him because from my sight, he's such a PLAYBOY. Hahaha. Hopefully you're not reading this ya,min. But. Guess it. When I started knew him, my perception totally gone out of mind. He's such a good kind man. Not a PLAYER at all. Ya. I even admit it. That he got a lot of girls friends. But, instead of those girl, he only stick with one. And that girl totally Qamarina Isyqi. :)

We do close too much. Even sometimes we looks like a couple but not actually. Hahaha. For me, he just my
and for absolutely my BIG BROTHER. Yes ! He is. We used to be close like a siblings. We shared our stories even happy nor sad. He used to be my protector whenever I need him. Ya. That's why I really love him. I can;t deny it that Akhmal might envy of us. But I won't let that happen cause I do love both of them. I still remember last holiday, before I'm leaving to my hostel. He reminds me :

And as I read this, I was like " Min. I'm touched. You too much cared of me" and he was like " You're my fav girl. "

As you can see. He's too much caring person. He even can't see his loved one in trouble. Thanks Allah for giving me such this friend.

I think that's for now. It's already 2.30 a.m. I need to go to sleep. But before that.........


 First Date ♥
Okay. That's all. Bye :)

Much Love Natasya Nasir

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Athirah binti Hussein
Monday, 24 March 2014 | 0 Comment |
Hello. I'm back with new post. Since it's been so long I didn't updating my blog. Hehe. So. Today I would like to tell you about that girl named up there. Athirah binti Hussein @ Tyyra Lambert

Pretty? Totally yes ! So. Let's me start my story.

Do you ever think that the one we hate the most would be the one we love the most in future? That's what happened between me and this baby leopard. To be honest I once hate tyyra too much ! I seriously don't like her because I thought she's such an arrogant. However. One day, I've been asked by my heart to trying get known her. And after a month been stalked her, I finally found she's actually a nice girl. She's actually a kind-heart girl with a good attitude and not an arrogant girl for sure. Therefore, I started get known her more. For the first touch with her, I felt awkward actually. As she's a popular girl. But, the more I get known her, our relationship even become more tighter. She always there beside me when I'm happy nor sad. Well as me. I'm used to be with her in facing part and parcel in life. I do love her attitude. She used to be my private counselor and my very best listener. I'm glad I get known her. Her advices seriously I won't forgot. Especially "Be friend with anybody but please don't trust too much cause once they broke our trust,it totally hurting" She's also my best mommy. Hehe. I still remember she once said "I hope you won't stop calling me mommy" Hm. today, I feel I'm really really miss you. I wanna meet you. Let's have a date,mommy. T.T

I think that's for now. Let I share some of our best memories.




  Much Love Natasya Nasir

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Perfectnist ♥
Saturday, 12 October 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum and good morning. So now I want to discuss about PERFECT. 

Yes. Being perfect is a dream of one's existence in this world. Everyone in mother Earth want to be perfect. Especially in front of someone who we love. Including me.

So yes ! I admit it that I always want to be perfect in front of everybody especially my truly love,Akhmal.

Hmm.. I know. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws. Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone has bad days. Some people just need to figure that out. They think that they are so perfect that they are better than anyone else. They have to make sure that they have the perfect hair style, Clothes; The perfect skin complexion, the perfect friends, the perfect parents and so on and so on. This essay will show that it is okay not being perfect. Because deep down inside... We are all alike.

If I can begin with talking about kids shows, then I am writing the right essay. Whenever I think about perfectness I think about two things: Spongebob and The Hannah Montana song 'Nobody`s Perfect.' I`ll start out by talking about Spongebob and what he has to do with this. The episode where He becomes 'normal' is a perfect example. He goes from being his cool, unique self and turns himself into what everyone down in bikini bottom say 'A freak.' Not that some people thought that before. But this time was worse. He turned out from being a sponge!!! By the end of that episode, Spongebob found out that it is okay being weird. Because you know what!? Being weird is normal. Being yourself is normal and just accepting that and taking it in stride will make you a better person.

Now to the Hannah Montana Song. ' Nobody`s perfect I gotta work it, Again and Again 'Till I get it right. Nobody`s Perfect you live and you learn it And if I mess it up sometimes Nobody`s perfect.' That right there is the key that every little girl should know. Nobody is perfect. The models that they will see are just Anorexic little liars. They are fine just the way that they are and they need to accept it. Hey even older people like myself or even you Ms. Peterson, should listen to it accept it. Because the people like celebrities for example are not perfect at all. They have people do everything they want. That is why I like this song. It talks about being different and accepting it. Of how if you don`t get something, you should not give up. Just try and try until you get it. 

That's are some example on what is being around and around in deep of my brain. So. Lately I'm kept thinking "Am I can be perfect for Akhmal?" "Am I perfect enough for him?" "Do I have to leave him?" The questions kept playing in my mind. But ? I even can't give the truth answer. Hmmm. 1 thing I can said. 

Akhmal. I am sorry for being not perfect for you. I am sorry if I can't be like you want. But. I really hope,with my imperfectness, you still got the feeling to be serious with me. That's my only hope from you.

 So. I think that's enough for now. I have to go to bed. Thanks for reading. Bye :')

  Much Love Natasya Nasir

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Assalamualaikum. Hello. Long time no see. See ! My blog have fully dusty. Is itNaaaa.... Do I care ? For sure. It's been so long since my last update. Well. I'm being too busy with my PMR examination. So yeah. Now. I'm free from such that examination. Its been about 1 weeks.

Yaaa. To be honest,my examination quite okay,I think so ? :D All of the paper I managed answered well. But ? Haihh. I don't think about my Math. I'm very disappointed with my paper 1. Hmm.

However. Past is past. Nothing can be do now except pray GOD to give me the best result which is 8A. Ameen :')

I think. That's for now. Goodbye :)

Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

Nur Najiha Batrisya ♡
Monday, 12 August 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. Hello. I'm back. With new post. :D So now. I wanna tell you about that name up there. So. This is she.......

  • Nur Najiha Batrisya.
  • Known as jiha. Kak Jiha.
  • 17 years old.
  • SMK Seri Menanti.
  • Kind,cute,pretty,friendly.
  • Heart conquer by Muhammad Shafiq bin Shariff @ Shafix Stella.

So, that's her. My little baby Pucca. ♡  Well. She just damn cute. Seriously. I love her baby face. :D She's my foster sister. Yeah ! She is. OMG ! Don't look at her too long. Later you may be melt by her face. ^^ Aum aum :*

Let begin the story how we can foster each other. So, like this. I start admire her. I add her as my WeChat friends, we start admonish. And she was too nice to me. OMG ! :)
After 2 day's if I not mistaken, I send her a message.
Me : Kak. May I ask you a favor? She : Yyaa. Apa ? Me : If you don't mind,may I deem you as my sister ? She : Of course. Why not :D Me : Oh. Really ? Akak serious tasya boleh jadi adik akak? She : Bolehhhh. Apa salah nyaa. :)
 As she said that, I was like. OHMAIGODDDDD !!!!! Hahahaha. ILOVEYOUUUUU !

So. I think its enough about her. Let take a look on her cute baby face :)


Najiha Batrisya w/ Shafix Stella.
Aum aum

She. Right one.

The pink tudung one

OMG ! What a damn cute kakak ! :*
Much Love Natasya Nasir

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Friday, 9 August 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. Hello my dear stalkers. Yes. I'm back with a new post. Do miss me? Hahahaha. Yes. I miss all of you a lot . Okay. Tipu je. So. Now. Let's begin our story.

So. Today. 9th of August. And today is 2nd day of Eid Mubarak. :D So. For those Muslims in the world. I wish you 


So. My Syawal is not really happy like the past past year. Maybe it because there's no GRANDMA in the first syawal. Like serious. I miss my late grandma very much. How I can describe is. My Grandma was the most sporting grandma. I miss her joke in the morning of Syawal. Yes ! Everyone in my family looks not too happy yesterday morning. But. All we can do is. Acting happy. To make sure Grandpa didn't feel the sadness. For grandma. I just can pray for you. Al-Fatiha. :')

I think. That's for now. Thank you. Bye

 Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

My Dream Girl ♥
Monday, 22 July 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. Hye. There we meet again :D So today. I would like to tell you about my Dream Girl. My LESBO ever. Hahaha... She's Nur Fatin Syazana

This is her :D
Like serious. Actually we're just become a GOOD FRIEND. For more,let me tell you on our HISTORYYYYYY. Hahahaha... Actually. Me and Atyn in the past was an ENEMY. Seriously. I also never imagine that one day. We'll become a very GOOD FRIEND. In past, when I saw atyn, I felt like wanna die there. YES ! I really HATE her. And I think she's felt that too.. Isn't it Atyn? Hahaha... Okay stop ! Not funny at all ! :D But now? Everything change. As I saw Atyn,I feel like wanna shouting 
OH MY LESBOOOO !!!! Hahahaha 

Today. 22nd July 2013,Atyn have a problem. Yea. A big problem for her. She just know that her crush already TAKEN by someone else. OMG ! I'm pity on her. Keep calm my dear.Ac
tually I'm also scared this problem will disturb her concentrate. As she's one of 2013 PMR candidate. Same as me well. I hope I can help her in her study. Not just being a supporter for her but a SPIRIT or her to face the examination. As well she also ask me to help her in Mathematics. Atyn. For now,I just can be your supporter instead o your spirit. I hope you can GO ON. Listen Fatin Syazana ! There's more more more boys outside there that suitable for you. 1 thing I want from you, GET UP ! GO ON ! LET'S BE THE BEST CANDIDATE WITH THE BEST RESULT OF SMK (P) SULTAN ABU BAKAR ! I LOVE YOU ATYNNN !!!!! :*

Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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