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Athirah binti Hussein
Monday, 24 March 2014 | 0 Comment |
Hello. I'm back with new post. Since it's been so long I didn't updating my blog. Hehe. So. Today I would like to tell you about that girl named up there. Athirah binti Hussein @ Tyyra Lambert

Pretty? Totally yes ! So. Let's me start my story.

Do you ever think that the one we hate the most would be the one we love the most in future? That's what happened between me and this baby leopard. To be honest I once hate tyyra too much ! I seriously don't like her because I thought she's such an arrogant. However. One day, I've been asked by my heart to trying get known her. And after a month been stalked her, I finally found she's actually a nice girl. She's actually a kind-heart girl with a good attitude and not an arrogant girl for sure. Therefore, I started get known her more. For the first touch with her, I felt awkward actually. As she's a popular girl. But, the more I get known her, our relationship even become more tighter. She always there beside me when I'm happy nor sad. Well as me. I'm used to be with her in facing part and parcel in life. I do love her attitude. She used to be my private counselor and my very best listener. I'm glad I get known her. Her advices seriously I won't forgot. Especially "Be friend with anybody but please don't trust too much cause once they broke our trust,it totally hurting" She's also my best mommy. Hehe. I still remember she once said "I hope you won't stop calling me mommy" Hm. today, I feel I'm really really miss you. I wanna meet you. Let's have a date,mommy. T.T

I think that's for now. Let I share some of our best memories.




  Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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