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Monday, 22 July 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. Hye. There we meet again :D So today. I would like to tell you about my Dream Girl. My LESBO ever. Hahaha... She's Nur Fatin Syazana

This is her :D
Like serious. Actually we're just become a GOOD FRIEND. For more,let me tell you on our HISTORYYYYYY. Hahahaha... Actually. Me and Atyn in the past was an ENEMY. Seriously. I also never imagine that one day. We'll become a very GOOD FRIEND. In past, when I saw atyn, I felt like wanna die there. YES ! I really HATE her. And I think she's felt that too.. Isn't it Atyn? Hahaha... Okay stop ! Not funny at all ! :D But now? Everything change. As I saw Atyn,I feel like wanna shouting 
OH MY LESBOOOO !!!! Hahahaha 

Today. 22nd July 2013,Atyn have a problem. Yea. A big problem for her. She just know that her crush already TAKEN by someone else. OMG ! I'm pity on her. Keep calm my dear.Ac
tually I'm also scared this problem will disturb her concentrate. As she's one of 2013 PMR candidate. Same as me well. I hope I can help her in her study. Not just being a supporter for her but a SPIRIT or her to face the examination. As well she also ask me to help her in Mathematics. Atyn. For now,I just can be your supporter instead o your spirit. I hope you can GO ON. Listen Fatin Syazana ! There's more more more boys outside there that suitable for you. 1 thing I want from you, GET UP ! GO ON ! LET'S BE THE BEST CANDIDATE WITH THE BEST RESULT OF SMK (P) SULTAN ABU BAKAR ! I LOVE YOU ATYNNN !!!!! :*

Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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