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Assalamualaikum. Long time no see. Yaaa.. So today I would like to talk about my favorite boy, Rahimmie Armin.

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Okay, I think that's enough about him. Let me begin my story.

Rahimmie Armin. Such a weird name. Rarely found. Even I was like "asal nama dia pelik" when the first time I knew him. But. Behind of that typical weird name, he is such a one of a kind. Honestly, in the past, I'm not like him because from my sight, he's such a PLAYBOY. Hahaha. Hopefully you're not reading this ya,min. But. Guess it. When I started knew him, my perception totally gone out of mind. He's such a good kind man. Not a PLAYER at all. Ya. I even admit it. That he got a lot of girls friends. But, instead of those girl, he only stick with one. And that girl totally Qamarina Isyqi. :)

We do close too much. Even sometimes we looks like a couple but not actually. Hahaha. For me, he just my
and for absolutely my BIG BROTHER. Yes ! He is. We used to be close like a siblings. We shared our stories even happy nor sad. He used to be my protector whenever I need him. Ya. That's why I really love him. I can;t deny it that Akhmal might envy of us. But I won't let that happen cause I do love both of them. I still remember last holiday, before I'm leaving to my hostel. He reminds me :

And as I read this, I was like " Min. I'm touched. You too much cared of me" and he was like " You're my fav girl. "

As you can see. He's too much caring person. He even can't see his loved one in trouble. Thanks Allah for giving me such this friend.

I think that's for now. It's already 2.30 a.m. I need to go to sleep. But before that.........


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Okay. That's all. Bye :)

Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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