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Nur Najiha Batrisya ♡
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Assalamualaikum. Hello. I'm back. With new post. :D So now. I wanna tell you about that name up there. So. This is she.......

  • Nur Najiha Batrisya.
  • Known as jiha. Kak Jiha.
  • 17 years old.
  • SMK Seri Menanti.
  • Kind,cute,pretty,friendly.
  • Heart conquer by Muhammad Shafiq bin Shariff @ Shafix Stella.

So, that's her. My little baby Pucca. ♡  Well. She just damn cute. Seriously. I love her baby face. :D She's my foster sister. Yeah ! She is. OMG ! Don't look at her too long. Later you may be melt by her face. ^^ Aum aum :*

Let begin the story how we can foster each other. So, like this. I start admire her. I add her as my WeChat friends, we start admonish. And she was too nice to me. OMG ! :)
After 2 day's if I not mistaken, I send her a message.
Me : Kak. May I ask you a favor? She : Yyaa. Apa ? Me : If you don't mind,may I deem you as my sister ? She : Of course. Why not :D Me : Oh. Really ? Akak serious tasya boleh jadi adik akak? She : Bolehhhh. Apa salah nyaa. :)
 As she said that, I was like. OHMAIGODDDDD !!!!! Hahahaha. ILOVEYOUUUUU !

So. I think its enough about her. Let take a look on her cute baby face :)


Najiha Batrisya w/ Shafix Stella.
Aum aum

She. Right one.

The pink tudung one

OMG ! What a damn cute kakak ! :*
Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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