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8A's is Around The Corner.
Sunday, 21 July 2013 | 0 Comment |
Assalamualaikum. So,hello. Jumpa lagi kita. :D
Yes. Hari ni takde apa pon nak cakap sebenarnya. Cuma nak cerita pasal trial PMR which is around the corner.

So. Serious said, I'm not fully ready for my trial. Even the day will be come in 4 days more. Yes. I feel like nothing even this examination is DOUBLE TRIPLE important than the real PMR actually. It is because this result
that I will use to apply for SBP.

I don't even know
why am I too lazy in study.
Errrr... So. I think that's for now. I wish I can pass my trial with flying colours. 4A++. InShaAllah. Aminn. :')

Much Love Natasya Nasir

Thanks for reading :)

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